SEMEAU Conference

The SEMEAU project final conference is scheduled from october 17th to 19th 2012 at Vulcania, near Clermont-Ferrand (France).

The main results of the SEMEAU Life project will be presented during the conference, which will deal with the following topics:

- hydrological processes and quantitative/quality impacts (surface and groundwater) of forested areas from the tree/plot to the watershed scale;

- approaches and tools for the modelling of forested areas from the tree/plot to the watershed scale;

- socio-economic approaches to evaluate the costs and benefits of forest developpement for water resources and aquatic environments protection;

- best pratices and case studies linked with forest management and developpement for water resources and aquatic environments protection;

- policies, amenities and ecological services, contractualization and regulatory tools, from the european to the local scale, aiming at forestry development and preservation of water resources and ecosystems.

The conference first circular is available here in english, and here in french.

To submit an abstract for oral presentation or poster, please use the template available here, and send your abstract by email to Patrick Lachassagne (