State of progress

The technical management of the SEMEAU Project is now efficient. Local management committee, general management committee and scientific committee met twice or three times for each instance.

The modelling project manager was recruited by Volvic Mineral Water Society (SEV) and started on the 1st of October 2009. This permitted to achieve the Action 1.1. (Modelling methods synthesis report) and to efficiently progress in the SEMEAU tool construction. The quantitative modelling of surface and groundwater flows on the basis of the Volvic watershed data has been constructed and adjustment of the flow parameters is progressing.

On the Volvic site, Actions 2.2., 3.1, and 4.3. are progressing according to the initial planning. The contractors were recruited at the beginning of 2010. The last version of the website was online on march 2010. The logos have been defined on june 2010, descriptive flyers were designed and impressed in october 2010 and the information boards were installed in December 2010 (Action 5.1.). Specific monitoring indicators (Action 6.2.) have been proposed in the last progress report.

On the Vals site, contractors have been recruited for Actions 3.3 et 4.4.(reception during spring 2011). Many communication operations (Action 5.2.) were realised 2009, less communication actions se were realised in 2010, during site renovation. More communication and sensibilisation actions will be realised in 2011.

On Saint Etienne site, the backwardness at the beginning of the project was resolved in 2011. A contractor have been recruited to realise the « phosphate » diagnostic, to define the data monitoring and the land use mapping (actions 1.4 + 2.4.). A contractor was also recruited to realise an educative path (Action 5.3.). The work reception is expected for june 2011.

Responding to a European Commission wish, an amendment was proposed to integrated Evian Mineral Water Society (SAEME) as a new beneficiary associated to the SEMEAU project. This amendment rectifies the technical contents of some actions and requests the creation of a new action (Action 2.5. – Application of the SEMEAU methodology to the Vals site), and propose a financial revision according to the global initial budget.