The following partners (beneficiaries) are involved in the SEMEAU project:

Société des Eaux de Volvic (Danone group). As main beneficiary of the project, it will run and manage it. It is primarily in charge of the development of the SEMEAU tool on the Volvic site (Puy de dôme, France). Société des Eaux de Volvic thus shares its Volvic natural mineral water resource management expertise.

The town of Saint Etienne (Loire, France): a local authority in charge of providing drinking water to its inhabitants.

Syndicat Intercommunal pour le THERmalisme et l’Environnement (SITHERE, local authority joint board for thermalism and the environment) of Vals les bains (Ardèche, France): a local authority in charge of the local development of an area strongly water resource dependent.

All three provide the resources required to fulfil the objectives of the project. This type of public-private partnership vouches for the guarantee of the quality and technical and economic relevance of the SEMEAU tool. The level of stringency over the water resource quality does indeed take centre stage when it comes to managing a natural mineral water resource.

The involvement of the public authorities in charge of the WFD (DIREN de bassin, (water basin Regional Environment Office), Water agencies) guarantees the adaptability of the tool that will be developed according to the product.